L. N. Chemical Industries owns its success to its advanced technique and constant innovation.

Absorbing the latest technology from abroad and equipped with advanced facilities, L. N. Chemical Industries consistently explores new and better products with wider usage and lower cost to meet its customers’ higher requirements and to create new market.

Our focus…

Our Research & Development works closely with our direct customers using our specialized skill set to ensure that new product development remains focused on the customer's current and future needs. This applied research is further supported by strong technical support services. This focus on the customer's needs means that our team is equipped to understand and meet the needs of challenging and key industry segments.


More than fifty highly skilled scientists and engineers are engaged in research on new product development and on the company's core products and their possible applications across diverse industries, all with the view to servicing the end consumer.

Essentially, our research and development effort fulfills four basic objectives, which are as follows:

The development of new products.
Continuous improvement in the quality & performance of our existing products.
Increasing efficiencies in our manufacturing processes.
Supporting the customer through product application.

With constant R & D the company matches the technological competence at National and International level. Our specialty products are well accepted in various industries. This is only because of strict quality controls at all levels and full confidence from our valued customers.

Our goal is to produce Cost Effective, User - Friendly chemicals and keep a balance in ecological systems in India. Thus our products has earned very good reputation.