It's all about synergy here at L.N.Chemicals. Getting the characteristics and qualities, desired by customer, into the textile of their choice and thus providing transformed answers to the customers call.

In essence, L.N.Chemicals has the expertise to refine and redefine the qualities of fabric,whether natural or man made. Over the years, we have developed a bank of over 200 different processing aids and finishes to cover the gamut of the textile production process right from pre-treatment & processing of raw fibre to spinning of yarn to weaving of grey cloth to printing, dyeing, mercerizing and specially treating the fabric for various finishes and effects like smoothness, luster, soft handle, fullness, elasticity,sew ability, fast colours, water repellency etc. Besides, we are always in a position to offer innovative, practical and customized solutions to any specific need of yours.


Customer Support
Leveraging our knowledge helps us to successfully develop new solutions for our customers in emerging fields of chemical technology. we work very closely with customers to combine our collective expertise to design and implement new or better applications.


We own our success to our advanced technique and constant innovations with constant R&D the company matches the technological competence at national and international Level.

Technical Support
Our R&D is further supported by strong technical support services. A team of qualified personnel collaborate with you at all levels whether it is introducing a new product, sampling, assistance in product application or more complex issues. we are always with you.